Autumn You
I lost years to this.
I am not going home.
I am the one dying in your sun,
though it is my fault I know.
I am crushed by the giant sounds
of your heart beating Autumn Loud,
Autumn you,
Winter you.
Anyway away from you is not going home.
The paint on the walls show through,
everywhere I go.
The spirits that float from your eyes,
wander through my mind.
I am in your room by myself,
I am in your room with no one else.
No one else.

I waited years for this,
Now I don't know what's home.
I don't know who I am at all,
wordless, hollow.
Glass teeth and swollen eyes,
I am barely awake in this light,
Listening for you,
Listening for you.

I move them all away,
I cast them all away,
For Autumn You,
Autumn You,
Autumn You,
Autumn You...

"Where's home" you said, and glanced down the road awhile,
"Where's home" I said, "The blue badge of the Autumn sky",
"Where's home" you said, "it is moving so fast it is hard to know",
"Where's home" I said, wherever it is you are.


from Somehow Disappearing, released January 28, 2011



all rights reserved


New Idea Society Brooklyn, New York

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