You Are Awake Or Asleep

by New Idea Society



We have included three bonus songs not on the US release of the album, Stuck On and Question Mark, which originally appeared on the Japanese CD version as well as Simple Song (I am Awake Or Asleep) which originally appeared on the European CD/LP.
Released on CD by Magic Bullet in the US, on CD in Japan by Daymare Records and on LP/CD in Europe by Trans Solar records.

This album was recorded on and off between 2000-2002 by Steve Brodsky and Mike Law at Monkees Home Studio in Haverhill, Massachusetts, which was Mike's Dad's basement. We used a one inch Tascam 85B 16 track tape machine, an Alesis mixing board and occasionally a cassette 4trk when the other machines confused us, (that happened a lot). The only mics we had were a Shure 57 and a Sennheiser 421 that we used on everything. We didn't have a compressor or any outboard gear which is probably for the best because we didn't know what that stuff really was at the time anyway. Guitar pedals and mic placement were used for effects, especially Steve's Mooger Fooger Delay pedal which is on most of the tracks. It made for a good pre-amp even if we didn't' use the delay function of the pedal. We maybe stole recording ideas out of Tape Op magazine, like an XTC trick of leaving the Tascam's EQ off to record a lead guitar then turning it back on for a weird EQ mash (The Aching Bells.) We called Kurt Ballou a lot to explain to us how to use the gear. It's a record made on tape by two friends in a basement of songs Mike wrote primarilly when he was a teenager (Willing To Wait was from age 15).
We played these songs with Santos Montano in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.
About a third of the time was spent experimenting with sounds, a third on recording and a third being confused about how to use the bus function on the mixing board.


released January 25, 2005

Steve and Mike played all the instruments expect Kurt Ballou played drums on Swimming In The Rain and Derek Kerswell played drums on The Waiting which were tracked at the God City location that was South of Boston, can't remember the name and it's too late to call Kurt... Mike thinks Steve played all the cool guitar stuff and that you should probably be aware of that.
Mike's Dad never once complained about the noise and that is amazing.

Songs by Mike Law and arrangements by Law/Brodsky.
Aaron Turner did the cover art, which is lovely.



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